Wow!  Thanks much.  So linux bandwidth management implements the Token Bucket 
Algorithm in its queue controls, which is similar to, but not the same as the 
Leaky Bucket Algorithm I'm familiar with.  I'm trying to understand the subtle 
diference, but it'll take some time:

Now that I've read about the Token Bucket Algorithm from the Linux URL you 
provided, I've found a source that contrasts them (shamelessly, it's 
Two predominant methods for shaping traffic exist: a leaky bucket 
implementation and a token bucket implementation. Sometimes the leaky bucket 
and token bucket algorithms are mistakenly lumped together under the same name. 
Both these schemes have distinct properties and are used for distinct purposes 
[1]. They differ principally in that the leaky bucket imposes a hard limit on 
the data transmission rate, whereas the token bucket allows a certain amount of 
burstiness while imposing a limit on the average data transmission rate.

I can't say I understand the difference yet, but I'm motivated.  Does anyone 
else understand or know how to explain the difference?


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  On Jan 24, 2007, at 8:25 PM, Rich Comroe wrote:

  > Thanks much.  I love it when you talk technical!  Sorry, couldn't  
  > help it...
  > No really, the devil is always in the details in these things.   
  > This is just the detail I was looking for.  After I digest I hope I  
  > may send questions your way off-list.  Still hoping operators using  
  > other brands will share what bw management algorithms they may have  
  > built-in.
  If you are looking for a better understanding of some of the traffic  
  control systems, the Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control  
  manual is a good place to look. Starting at chapter 9, it goes into  
  some detail on how some of the the algorithms available work and how  
  to implement them.

  > thanks again,
  > Rich


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