RE: FCC Form 477 Reporting Reminder (Due September 1, 2006)Just a reminder!

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Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 11:22 AM
Subject: FCC Form 477 Reporting Reminder (Due March 1, 2007)

Good afternoon,

Since you were the contact person on a previous FCC Form 477 semi-annual 
filing, you are receiving this courtesy reminder about the upcoming filing, 
which is due no later than March 1, 2007.  If you are not responsible for the 
upcoming Form 477 filing, we will appreciate you forwarding this message to the 
person in your organization who is responsible for completing this form .

The FCC Form 477 is available at .  A 
separate file that contains detailed reporting instructions is also available 
on that webpage.  The required Certification Statement is found on page 14 
within the reporting instructions.  In addition, a file containing frequently 
asked questions (FAQs) pertaining to FCC Form 477 is available at:      


1)  If you do not see your "holding company" name listed within the drop-down 
list for Cover Page question #3 or if your holding company name has changed or 
edits need to be made to the holding company name, please contact Suzanne 
Mendez via email at [EMAIL PROTECTED] or directly by phone at (202) 418-0941.   
 Please use the drop-down box to select the appropriate holding company name.  
This will make it easier for all affiliated entities to use exactly the same 
name - including punctuation - when answering Cover Page question #3.   

2)  For spreadsheet rows where you are reporting data in Form 477 column (a), 
please be sure to completely answer all the other Form 477 questions across 
that row - for example, Form 477 questions (b) through (j) in Part I.A and in 
Part II of the form - placing a 0% in data cells where a zero applies versus 
leaving that data cell blank.  But keep in mind that you may leave the entire 
row blank if the correct answer to Form 477 column (a) is zero.

3)   If a revised Form 477 is submitted after the filing due date of March 1, 
2007, it should not show "Original Filing" as the answer to Cover Page question 
#7.  Instead, that answer should be changed from Original Filing to Revised 
Filing1.  Please make note of the Example filename provided on the Cover Page 
and save the form using the filename as indicated by the Example. 

If you have any questions about how to complete and/or file Form 477 after you 
have reviewed the reporting instructions and Form 477 FAQs, or if you are not 
able to download the form, please direct your questions to [EMAIL PROTECTED] or 
to a member of the FCC Form 477 Team at (202) 418-0940.  If your filing due 
March 1st has already been submitted to [EMAIL PROTECTED], please disregard 
this reminder.  Thank you.

Suzanne Mendez
FCC Form 477 Team Member

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