I cannot believe how many of you guys all decided that this thread could be extended into a lengthy diatribe about Wal-mart. I use these lists to learn and teach about the wireless industry and to help drive changes in policy and law. We have people from time to time who join this list to learn about our industry. I know of one guy who is working on a massive plan to work with WISPs to give us funding opportunities and other advantages. These guys leave here fast when their Inbox fills with unrelated multiple messages about Wal-mart, me toos, my gear is better than your gear, rants, etc..

We do have a place for this type of conversation though. It is also a free list and I highly recommend you guys subscribe to it. It is called [EMAIL PROTECTED] You can go here to subscribe:


On the chat list you can digress all the way to talking about what brand of underwear you buy at Wal-mart for all I care. The wireless@wispa.org list is supposed to be focused on wireless. Let's all keep it that way.
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John Scrivner
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