My opinion, but you should polish it considerably. Be more clear Marlon
and concise, and totally eliminate the are-you-crazy tone. This letter
is suitable if you are an individual, it is not suitable if being sent
on behalf of WISPA. While impassioned, it really is not professional and
will show WISPA in a bad light.

As I said, it is just my opinion my friend.


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Anyone Mind if I send this out????

Dear Sirs,

Please forgive the tone of this email, but you guys are killin' me.

I just read your latest proposal for the TV whitespaces.  While I fully 
agree with much of what you've said (no personal portable devices, no 
auctions, TPC, cognitive radio, NO interference to grandma's TV or
mic's etc.) I'm shocked at the other half.

What's needed is an unlicensed band that can be deployed similar to that
cable and DSL.  That is, mail the customer a pre programmed radio, they
it in and poof, you have internet.  No truck roll.

At the very least, we need easy to install and configure devices and
LOW prices for it.

Technically, your document is great and makes a tremendous amount of
Practically, it'll make any spectrum that's released all but useless.

33' minimum antenna heights?  Pre programmed exclusion zones?  No
for LOCAL terrain or foliage?  Geolocation of EVERY CPE device?  You've,
your standards proposal, eliminated 90% of the customers and 99% of the 
operators from using this band.  Very few people will be able to justify
$500 (probably closer to $1000) installation costs of these systems.
who's going to want another ugly old TV antenna install at their houses?

People are taking down those old ugly 30 to 100' crank up towers beside 
their houses, not putting them back up!

There is NO need for the outdoor only, or minimum antenna height 
requirement.  You say it's needed to help deal with local interference 
issues etc.  But that's not likely the case.  If WE can't hear the 
broadcasting system, neither can anyone else in the area and we'll not 
likely interfere either.  Especially at the very low signal levels you
built into your standard for the incumbent detection mechanism.

I'd be all in favor of a beacon system in which any cpe would be able to

identify the owner of the ap.  Then the people that need to figure out 
anything on a cpe side can come to me to get the data on who's where.
already have a name and address, I don't need GPS too.

Speaking of GPS.  Why in the world do you guys think that we can put in
antenna systems for EVERY customer?  We'll need the rec. antenna AND a
one for each cpe under your plan.

The spectrum needs to be unlicensed (registered I could live with but
like it, just more paperwork), it needs to be really inexpensive to
and it needs to be totally customizable based on LOCAL conditions.  One
the very reasons to use sub GHz bands is the penetration through trees.
you guys are suggesting that we get up there over much of the foliage in

EVERY installation?  No thanks.  We'll go high when we need to,
otherwise we 
want to stay out of site, out of the wind and easy to get to when
snow on the roof!

The Wireless Internet Service Provider's Association will be happy to
you with your standard.  As it is, it looks like this standard was
by and for companies that are interested in high margin devices rather
high volume devices.  Our industry has plenty of high margin products to

choose from already.  Backhaul products are stable and plentiful. 
Everything from wireless, to copper to fiber is an option in the right 
conditions.  What we need mostly right now is medium speed cheap
that will go through walls and trees etc.  If our customers wanted us to
in towers that would get them up over most of the tree canopy we'd
be doing it.  People want the internet but they aren't willing to pay 
$500++++ for it in any kind of marketable numbers.

Thank you for you time,

Marlon K. Schafer
WISPA FCC committee chairman
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