I used your tower agreement for one of the water tanks I'm on.
I read through the agreement, made the changes that need to be, and submitted it went from there. Basically, your agreement was good enough to use as a basis and avoid having to deal with a lawyer until I was down to the end.

Then it was my lawyer and their lawyer who did the redlining.

Thanks. saved me a few hundred in legal fees and lots of time having to spend with a lawyer to get that far.


John Scrivner wrote:
I use a strict policy on [EMAIL PROTECTED] It is only for WISP operators who are paid Principle Members of WISPA. It is the only list we have that is dedicated to that membership class only. I do this so our WISP operator members have one place to talk where they do not feel pressure to hold back. They can say whatever they want without fear it will be read by the general public or anyone other than other WISP operators who are paid members of WISPA. It also allows them to share information they would not give to non-paying members. I have sent copies of agreements I have spent thousands of dollars on. These include water tower location agreements, land leases, grain leg leases, etc. It also includes copies of my subscriber agreement. I spent a great deal of time on that document and paid for several hours to our attorney. It is not perfect but it has saved a few people some time and money out there. I share my best ideas for how to run my operations and ideas for ways we can all profit by working together. The [EMAIL PROTECTED] list does not get very much traffic but it usually yields high quality posts.

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