I would like to take this opportunity to introduce all of you to Kelly Shaw of Pure Internet in Southern Virginia. Kelly is a new Principle Member of WISPA. There has been much activity in new memberships in WISPA lately and I want to thank all of you including Kelly. Here is a little background on Kelly Shaw and Pure Internet:

I've been in the ISP business since 1995 when I started a small local ISP
called Halifax.Com, which is now owned by a regional CLEC called nTelos.
After working for them for awhile, I decided that I liked working for myself
more (which I am still trying to figure out what ever gave me that idea  :-) .

In 2002, I left nTelos to start Pure Internet. Almost immediately, we
started offering Wireless Service with the Nokia Rooftop product.  Aside
from the high costs ($700+) of the CPE, these were great little radios. In
fact, I still have two Nokia Rooftop POPs up and operational with very
little maintenance required.

We now serve three rural counties in Southern Virginia with wireless
service. We use Trango, WaveRider and even Tranzeo products. My wireless
backhaul to various POPs exceeds 100+ miles in total.  I have several POPs
that are 20+ miles from each other being connected via wireless.  In the
gently rolling hills of Virginia, this is no easy task when only using water

Our state was part of the Tobacco Settlement with the tobacco companies. As
such, our state receives millions of dollars per year from the tobacco
companies.   My state, Virginia, has chosen to use part of this money to
build a regional (23 Counties) fiber-optic network that terminates in
mostly-empty Industrial Parks with the promise of Economic Development.  In
2002, when we first started Pure  Internet, I spoke in front of the Tobacco
Commission hoping to persuade them to spend less money on fiber and more
money on a hybrid approach of fiber, wireless and other technologies.

I am still speaking in front of the Commission about the problems of Last
Mile and how expensive tower space on the big boy's towers can be.
I am also the President of the local Technology Council. I am trying to push
our area as being a resource for technology and a great place to locate a
technology business.

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