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Subject: [WISPA] WPA2 Radius Auth on Linux with FreeRadius

I have a consulting request. I need a small embedded Linux distro 
created with FreeRadius built in. It needs to be able to handle WPA2 
Radius requests from access points and authenticate based on username 
password credentials only. I have made this work in Windows XP running 
FreeRadius but I want it to work in Linux. I have experimented with a 
free version of this that I found online and that did not work.

The reason why this will not work normally on the Linux distro I was 
using has something to do with issues involving disagreements over 
licensing. I think it had to do with the particular Linux distro I was 
using did not like the OpenSSL license regarding certificates. I could 
be wrong as it has been some time but I think that is right. The Linux 
distro I was using was Debian. All I know for sure is that the Windows 
version of FreeRadius has the basic certificate infrastructure in place 
to allow WPA2 authentication for access points and the Linux version 
does not.

I need someone to find a way to make this work in Linux because I cannot

and I do not want to buy a Windows XP installation for each of these I 
build in the future. Especially since this requires bigger hardware, 
hard drive, etc. Not to mention added cost for each installation. I want

to load it on a flash module if possible. No GUI needed. Web admin would

be nice but not needed. SSH interface for management is a minimum 

Basically the way this needs to be setup is that each server will need a

certificate installed. The APs and the clients will not need a 
certificate. The APs will have the shared secret for the radius server. 
The radius server will have client data identifying the IP and shared 
secret of each AP. Clients will authenticate using username and password

only. (This does require some modification of the default security 
settings for a WPA2 connection in a typical Windows client computer. It 
will work though I promise. )

The Radius server will need a basic text editor so I can edit the client

and user files as needed. Logs will need to be kept for client access. 
DHCP will need to be supported.  I will need detailed instruction in how

to setup the certificate for each installation. I understand the logs, 
client file and user file syntax so I will not need instruction for

I will pay for this to be done but I will need it fairly soon. Contact 
me OFFLIST at [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you want to try to do this project 
and let me know what you will want to be paid for such a project. I have

been using the Deliberant 2350 Access Points to work on this. It is a 
standard WPA2 Enterprise setup though so you can use any AP of this type

I think and it should duplicate my setup.

OFFLIST your questions, quotes, etc.
Kindest regards,
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