The palms are so danged expensive. And I tend to break phones often when out in the field.

If it were me, I'd FIRST look around to see if anyone in the area has better coverage and/or prices. We just moved away from Cingular and the problems are around the same but coverage is better and the costs are lower. AND the support of a local company has been wonderful! Walk into the store and the same people are there month after month, they know my name etc.

Next, I'd probably do blackberrys for the average guy. Those that need network access to your gear could use the palms.

I'm looking for a palm or Q phone as soon as I can afford one. Typing even short emails on a standard phone sucks. And it would be cool to do some network stuff via a cell phone from time to time. I'm not always in range of my own towers. At least not with a laptop.

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My cell plan for my office is due next month. Currently, we only have
voice plans.

However, I am considering adding data for a few of my employees to be
able to use email.

I have the option of Blackberry and Palm phones. For those of you that
have compares each, which solution would you recommend and why.

Cliff LeBoeuf
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