Yes.  We're working on this from a couple of different angles.

First, we've got a couple of lawyers (one an ex wisp) working on an FAQ or whitepaper so that we all know exactly what the law says, in layman's terms.

Second, we've been talking to the FCC and FBI. We'll likely end up developing an FBI approved wisp calea standard. That's a ways away though and we're still just talking to them.

I'll ramp up the calea talks after I get through the tv whitespaces issues and the up coming fcc and ftc meetings in mid feb.

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Is anyone aware of this?
a.. Date: May 14, 2007
a.. Requirement: Deadline for Interconnected VoIP and Broadband Access providers.

I was notified by a local CO that we had to be compliant by Feb 2nd... Anyone know anything about this?

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