You can agree with whatever you want, but I'm not asking anyone to be interested in a program.

Don't worry about how why or who would make such a program. All I am asking is if such a beast exists, what would everyone want included in it. I only need you to imagine a perfect world with that perfect wisp program in it. Now describe the program.


Jim Stout wrote:
I tend to agree with Dylan. I struggled for over two weeks trying to get a similar-sounding billing system up and running. It was very fragile and if you sneezed close to the server, it required a call to their Technical Support to get it back up. I sent it back and have yet to receive my refund. BTW, I'm now running MikroTik Router OS on a Wintel platform and it does exactly what I need. It provisions bandwidth and it runs.

FWIW, Jim....

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Well, he didn't say it was a secret but he didn't tell me to tell the world. He asked me to send a list of suggestions of anything I wanted in the program and said he had another guy who just sent a half dozen suggestions in and they were all added into the latest rev. I don't think it's my place to release the product. I just want suggestions on what "the perfect wisp program" would include so we can get it.


Dylan Oliver wrote:
On 1/30/07, Brian Rohrbacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Remember nothing is set in stone, but it sounded like the software would be almost free to use if your gear was from this manufacturer, and every
time you bought a cpe
you'd get a license.

I don't know much about radius but it is suppose to work nice with it.

Now is the time, throw out your crazy ideas everyone.......

I'm guessing we'd be more interested if we knew who this vendor was?

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