Did a little arithmetic tonight...

I have a Tranzeo TR5plus access point on my wireless network. Other than being limited by a 10meg ethernet port (it is installed at a noisy FM tower location, and the speed must be turned down to 10meg to keep a reliable connection) - it is a perfectly standard setup. It is hooked up to a 16db H-pol 90 degree sector, and customer ranges are 1 mile to 26 miles. The majority of these customers are on a 1meg plan, with a few 2meg and one 8meg in the mix.

This access point has 85 associations on it. Of those 85, two are repeater sites. One has 35 additional customers on it, and the other has 8. Add them all up, and this one AP is passing traffic for almost 130 customers. I see it peak around 6 meg sustained download (4 meg or so sustained upload) and if I run a speed test at my house (which is one of the customers off this access point) I can pull 8meg back to my NOC.

Anyone who says that 802.11a gear won't scale is full of it. I'd like to see a Canopy based system that would even come close to delivering that kind of performance. I'm planning to deploy 5ghz gear to as many of my AP locations as possible this year. The money spent on that access point is probably the best money I've spent on wireless gear since I started my current WISP.

Matt Larsen

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