If memory serves, MSS is Mobile Satellite Service.

Like many vendors, Axxcelera makes gear that is flexible in its frequency coverage and power output. MANY countries allow higher power outputs than US, as well as different spectrum usage. It's certainly not illegal to manufacture such devices.

But with Part 15 systems, it's the responsibility of the USER to insure that such equipment is being used properly, and in this case, the WISP wasn't doing so, having selected parameters that were not in accordance with US FCC Part 15.547 rules.

I also think they got off easy with a $20,000 fine. Their entire network could have been summarily shut down if the FCC felt that they were causing interference with a licensed service, not to mention that the FCC can request arrest and forfeiture of offenders.



On Feb 1, 2007, at Feb 1  07:32 AM, Tom DeReggi wrote:

"Section 15.1(b) of the Rules states that an
intentional radiator that is not in accordance with the requirements
      of Part 15 must be licensed,"

Is there and what is the licensing policy for UNII band?

what is "co-channel MSS operations"?-indicated as a reason why 5.1Ghz is only allowed indoors to prevent interferrence with it.

It sounds like this is a black eye for Axxelera as well as Neptune. Maybe Axxelera should share paying the fine? Wonder what about Axxelera didn't allow it to comply? The ISP adding their own antennas? Or just not having variable power settings? Was the gear non-compliant jsut for 5.3 and 5.1, and compliant for 5.8G?

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