Allworx 6x can do that. You will need to get the software upgrade for sip gateway for the off site phones. This is a full featured PBX for a decent price. I believe it can handle 6 FXO's and has two FXS ports for fax and such.

Anthony Will
Broadband Corp.

Ryan Spott wrote:
Sorry to be off topic here folks, but I trust all but one of you. :)

I am looking for a small office VoIP phone system. It needs to support at least 4 Analog (outside) phone lines and at least 16 or so SIP based phones. Most of the Phones will be on a LAN in the building with about 4 phones off-site.

I was looking at the LInksys SPA9000 coupled with the SPA400 to do this but I am always leery of Linksys stuff.

Can any of you lead me in the right direction? Off list is fine and I can put together some synopsis when I get everyones info.


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