I just ordered an Alvarion B100 link that is supposed to match or exceed those specs. It should be here tomorrow actually. We will be using it for our first hop out which will carry all of our wireless network traffic.

There is a link on http://www.wispa.org to tell Alvarion to have a sales rep call on you about it. Not pushing it as much as I am just hoping you will give our vendor member a shot at this business. I know Charles Wu sells a bunch of backhaul products too (maybe even Ceragon?) and he has paid his WISPA Vendor dues. He has not sent me his initial marketing message or anything but he will soon. Charles if you are here you might want to drop Mac a line to let him know what options you have for backhaul. Like I said, I am not pushing this as much as I hope our Vendor members will at least get a shot at this business.

Mac Dearman wrote:

 I am looking for some input from current Ceragon users. We are in a
position that we have to upgrade 4 backhaul links to a higher throughput
capacity. I have been looking at Ceragon for a while and know several folks
on list that have their ISP's reputation built on the performance of these
radios, but I am unsure what model# everyone is using. I am looking for
~ 48mbps links and I think the FibeAire 4800 would suit my needs at this
time. Does anyone have any experience with these radios? What is NOT
included that I will need?

Thanks folks,

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