To the television broadcasters, WISPs using this spectrum in a "we'll stay out of the way of any television broadcasting activity" manner is the lesser of several other evils; television broadcasting has been steadily losing ground now; first 800 MHz was carved out of Channels 70-83, and now the 700 MHz bands are being carved out of Channels 52-69. The trend is clear, and while it's one thing for powerful terrestrial broadcasting to "share" spectrum with low-power license-exempt usage, it's quite another for communications use to do the same. If the broadcasters play things right (and it appears they are "bending" towards white space license-exempt usage, but very much on THEIR terms...) the license-exempt usage of television white space may serve to "pollute" the remaining television broadcast spectrum sufficiently to prevent future reallocation (for at least another decade or so).

Intel, Microsoft, Cisco are some of the names being bandied about as advocates for license-exempt use of white space television broadcast spectrum.



On Jan 24, 2007, at Jan 24  09:21 AM, Jack Unger wrote:

Likelihood of unlicensed???

My guess is that the established communications carriers and the broadcasters will fight the concept of license-free use of this space. I expect it will come down to who lobbies Congress most effectively.

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