At this time I would like to welcome all of you to WISPA's newest Principle Member - Dave Brenton of Rural Tennessee Wireless Broadband. Principle Membership in WISPA generally requires that a WISP already have an operation running but from this guy's excitement I am sure he will be running full steam ahead in a short time. Welcome to the group Dave. I have included an introduction from Dave himself below:

Fellow WISPAs, (or should that be WISPers? <grin>)

My Name is Dave Brenton, and I'm General Manager
of Rural Tennessee Wireless Broadband, LLC.

I had the privilege of meeting some of you at Fall ISPCON
in Santa Clara CA a few months ago, and I must say
that I was *very* impressed. The depth of knowledge of the Industry, and the warm welcome I was shown,
has made me more certain than ever we have
made the right decision to enter this business.

Our firm is a NEW startup ISP, with plans to go
operational on or about April 1, 2007. We will be Wireless Only, with possible dialup provisions as an emergency fall-back.

My life experience has revolved around electronics
and technology since I was a kid. I grew up around 2 way radio, and eventually became a proud computer-head. My professional career spans
over 30 years around microprocessors and
Space Radios. I was doing signal processing
with 1 Mhz microcontrollers for the end users
like JPL and Goddard Space Flight Systems, before DPS chips were even close to reality.

Since I have a good deal of Tech Savvy but NO
hands-on ISP experience, I am hoping for as
much help and guidance from the group as you a willing to give.

Our plan is aggressive, shooting for more than 1000 connected users within our first 18 months of operation. Our location in north-middle Tennessee is very rural and poorly served by the ILECs and Cable Cos. Within this county there are more than 3000 households whose only option for internet is Dial-up, and.or VSAT.

Within a 25 mile radius there are on the order of another 10,000 underserved households.

Other than the staggering costs associated with the build-out phase of operation, we believe that the
outlook for the project is very pleasing indeed.

I look forward to many conversations with WISPA
members, and hope to be able in time to share my
experience and knowledge back to the group.

Best Wishes to all of you!

Dave Brenton

General Manager
Rural Tennessee Wireless Broadband
Bringing FAST Internet to the rest of us (sm)
Dover TN
(931) 232-0914 office
(931) 627-1142 cell

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