Will get you going for the FAA airspace determination.

That is your first step.

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Hello WISPA!

It's great to be aboard.

I have several questions about towers, but I'm going to try to hold it to TWO, starting out.

1) Does anyone on the list have experience with the FCC/FAA maze?
Our Network Operations Center will be at the base of an as-yet-to-be-constructed 300 foot Commercial Grade Communications Tower.

In attempting to get the FCC/FAA Permit(s) to place this tower I've run into a Catch-22, or so it would seem.

 The FAA Forms want an FCC Registration Number, and of course
  the FCC Forms want an FAA Registration Number.

  So.....   Who's on first?

I've searched and searched and cannot find a step-by-step or
flowchart explaining the procedure to get the permit process started, let alone completed.

Anyone with some experience with this matter will be a hero forever with me.

BTW to avoid the questions I explain right now that - -
NO we don't NEED a 300 Footer for our wireless coverage,
but... I live in the middle of Cell-Hell and I'm willing to
speculate the one or more of the Cell Providers in this area will Co-Locate once an actual structure is in place.
Also the extra altitude will make if practical to Back-Haul
bandwidth for many-many miles thus reducing our wire-line
costs to a minimum.

2) Who's brands of towers are ya'll using?
    I need some guidance for "smaller" towers
   100-150 ft range, self supporting and guyed.

I have heard of some brands, but I also have concerns
about Wind Tolerance, since we are in an area that
does produce tornados from time to time.
I'd prefer to spend the money on a product that will
hold up and I'm not uncomfortable Climbing, IF I Must.

That's plenty for a first go.

Thanks loads,

Dave Brenton

General Manager
Rural Tennessee Wireless Broadband
Bringing FAST Internet to the rest of us (sm)
Dover TN
(931) 232-0914 office
(931) 627-1142 cell
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