In our area "So IL/metro St.Louis" there are some large guys who are in no
way shape or form legal, over power limits and the whole 9 yards. I can see
other WISP Omni POP's with signal levels in the -70's from over 20 miles
away using a 9dBi on my end, figure up what the EIRP on that is. The one in
this case is a well know respected WISP that visits the popular lists, I
always hope that he doesn't know that is going on and one of his "guys" is
responsible but I have never taken the time to call them up and talk to them
about it either.

I don't know of any WISP's in this area "about 10 that I know of" including
myself who are 100% legal when it comes to using only certified equipment.
Most I think stay within power limits and "equivalent" antennas

The other issue I see in our area is all the new start up WISP's who know
nothing about the industry, the rules, networking, and don't know squat
about RF. These guys are going to be our Achilles heal IMHO. There are too
many vendors selling stuff and they are not concerned in the least bit
whether the guys they are selling to know anything about Part15 rules. When
I started four years ago it seemed like there were not near as many
uncertified options as there are today so I came into the industry using
certified equipment and knew what the rules were. It's too easy to buy
802.xx equipment throw it up on a pole and sell internet to a few users,
more than likely they are not going to be successful but it still hurts
everyone of us.

I admit I am a glass half empty kind of guy, but I don't think there we are
going to have any usable spectrum within the next one to two years because
of stuff like this.


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> I agree that MOST wisps are likely compliant.
> Unfortuneately, it won't stay that way, if we let the industry slowly
> deteriorate and slide.
> I think compliance is a message that continually needs to be revisited,
> sorta like speed bumps. Its easy to not realize you are speeding, yet we
> all
> know where the speedometer is located.
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