It's a hard truth that any industry association defacto represents their ENTIRE industry... not just the ones who deign to become dues- paying members of that industry association. In the eyes of lawmakers, regulators, the public, investors, analysts, etc., if WISPA purports to represent the WISP industry, it must be prepared to speak about, and be knowledgeable of, the ENTIRE WISP industry, even those participants of an industry that a formal association such as WISPA would simply rather NOT even acknowledge the existence of.

It's NOT one vendor's job, no matter how fundamentally important to a particular industry, to try to police the other vendors in an industry. If government will not police the bad players, then it falls to industry groups such as WISPA, and WISPA could easily do such a thing by maintaining an annually updated "recommended systems" list available to all. For a vendor's products to be on that list would be somewhat rigorous, having to document that their system meets all relevant regulations. A favorite product doesn't make the list? Maybe there's a reason why, and a prospective user of such a system is given considerable pause.

In my opinion, based on nearly TEN years of following the WISP industry nearly from its inception, I think Patrick considerably understates the case about many... (I won't go quite as far as to say most) WISPs not being compliant with FCC rules, even the recently liberalized rules that permit mixing and matching of antennas. One can gather ample evidence of this just from comments made on this list.

Finally... if there is ANYONE the WISP industry that has earned the right to speak such hard truths, it is Patrick Leary. Patrick has been a TIRELESS, FEARLESS, INCREDIBLY VALUABLE advocate for the WISP industry, especially in its formative years. He has personally advocated on behalf of the WISP industry to government personnel as high as FCC Chairman Powell, as well as promoting the WISP industry to investors, legislators, officials of other countries... and by dint of his personal influence, Alvarion itself, and by that example, a number of other vendors that build products for the WISP industry.

Don't like to hear such hard truths? Don't listen then. You all have the ability to filter out dissenting voices such as Patrick, and me. But if you all believe what you claim, that you're trying to build an association that truly represents the WISP industry and what it ultimately has the potential to become... the hard, unpleasant truths have to be addressed and dealt with... not just ignore them and hope they won't be noticed. They WILL be noticed, and are now being noticed by the WISP industry's increasingly serious competition - newly-clueful telcos with new Broadband Wireless technology, cellular carriers, municipal wireless / Wi-Fi vendors and operators, satellite service providers, and new entrants such as Clearwire. Such entities may not be a "threat" to the WISP industry as a whole quite yet... but it wasn't too long ago that WISPs weren't a threat to them either.

There are days when I just shake my head alternately in wonderment and dismay at the WISP industry. This is one of them.



On Feb 6, 2007, at Feb 6  12:47 PM, John Scrivner wrote:

Patrick, what is Alvarion doing as a corporation to police the majority of BWIA vendors who now pollute our industry with uncertified gear? These are your peers. Do you like being stereotyped with them?

Your stereotyping of WISP operators as being predominantly illegal and the source of the problem is not accurate or fair and I want it to stop. The majority of the WISPs out there are trying to do right. It is the vendors who are the real problem. The majority of vendors ignore the law. The last gear purchase I made was for an Alvarion B100 backhaul link which is due in here today. It is certified but now I wonder if buying from a vendor who stereotypes the industry is a good idea. Maybe I made a mistake buying from your company?

By the way, the slam about 4.9 GHz is completely erroneous and you need to apologize. The vast majority of WISPs stay the hell away from 4.9 and other bands which we are not allowed in. You need to watch your tack on this public list. Being a paid vendor member does not give you the right to sling mud or FUD.


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