I confess that my jaw dropped too, especially that the weight issue came out better for the wired system, but in fairness, read the story a bit more closely.

It's not just Internet access that the wireless system was handling - it was also the seatback video, etc.

Given that, it makes more sense to do wired, and if you're doing wired, just put in an Ethernet jack.

Of course, some sharpie is going to use the wired connection to provide Wi-FI to the rest of the plane. It's two clicks on my Mac laptop.



On Jan 27, 2007, at Jan 27  08:04 PM, Marlon K. Schafer wrote:

200 lbs of aps and antennas????  How the hell is THAT possible?

I'll bet all of my gear weighs in less than that and I've got 6000 square miles over coverage, not just one puny little airplane!

Steve, do your old bosses need help over there or what? You need to go back to work for Boing!


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