When you are talking a 12" or 18" pigtail, using LMR-195 vs. LMR-400 or even LMR-600 there is going to be less than .5db difference. Why would you need such a large cable for just a small jumper cable?


Ralph wrote:
Does anyone else have an issue with the tiny little SMA connector that
Trango and some others use for antenna connections?
I have seen several failures where the mating connector on the antenna feed
line self destructs due to leverage caused by the cable. Nothing kills an
installation budget quite as bad as having to do another tower climb or even
a parts run due to something as silly as this! And if you have to go back
because of a later failure at this point it is even worse!

Good RF sense tells you to use as large of a cable as practical for less
loss and for compensation for connector loss, but when using LMR400 (and I
have even seen one WISP use LMR600) for a jumper it is very unstable.

I feel that in order to eliminate this very real single point of failure,
this manufacturer needs to redesign that area.

I don't want to hear that because Trango has either/or dual polarity, it
provides built in backup redundancy- unless you do every installation with a
dual pol antenna and have smart enough people to know to switch pol when the
cheesy little connector fails. <grin>

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