Jack Unger wrote:

To answer your second question, yes - if Dennis paid me to appear at his City Council meeting to lobby for his company I would be happy to do that. The only requirement would be that I talk with Dennis first to be sure that I was knowledgeable enough about his company to represent it correctly. If he told me about (or if I detected) areas within his company that could benefit from strengthening then I would want to confidentially discuss those areas with him and suggest ways he could address those areas and/or build those strengths. Given a strong and honest City Council presentation, backed up by the support and credibility of WISPA then it's certainly possible that the outcome could be different.

I know you would, Jack.
I've thought about this for awhile now. I would like us, WISPA, as an organization be able to do this to help support our wisps.. The only thing hindering us, is that we don't have enough people-time to get simple things like this going.

I would pay to have someone come to my council and lobby for me.

If a wisp has a shot at winning or losing a muni contract in their back yard I would think it would be money well spent.

Maybe this is something we can work on... Any volunteers?

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