What lab does Alvarion currently use?

Do you have any specific labs that you would recommend to WISPs who may want to get their own equipment combinations certified?


Patrick Leary wrote:

We have for years, though I am not personally involved in those
processes. Our 3-digit grantee code is LKT and all equipment
authorizations for all brands) are easily and comprehensively searchable
even if you do not know the grantee code via Our
first grant goes back to September 1994. We currently have 54 grants.
Filing fees alone for a Part 15 device was $985 in 2000

Actual lab costs per device might average about $3,000, less employee
time on our end doing the filing, working with the labs, etc. I estimate
that we have over $1 million invested easily in the certifications alone
and this does not include the millions in R&D spent designing and
building to meet that compliance in the first place across the many
regulatory domains we sell in to.

Of course, none of this includes ISO certification, UL (Underwriter's
Labs) listings, environmental certifications, corrosion testing, and 3rd
party MTBF testing.
These costs are incurred by legitimate vendors like us, Trango,
Motorola, and some others. We all gut it up and do what's required of us
as cost of doing business. (And Alvarion was a "little guy" when I
started, yet we still did what was required and even today we are viewed
as a small guy by the big guys.)

Patrick Leary
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Alvarion, Inc.
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Who's already used a Part 15 certification lab?

What was good or bad about your experience?

How much did the certification cost?

Would you use that lab again?

Do you want to find a certification lab?
Here's the link that I got right off of WISPA's homepage:

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