PacWireless makes a 19db and 24db flat panel 5.8ghz antenna. Or there are the Rootenna's, depending on what you are using for radios. I have used all four types and they all work as advertised.


Mark Nash wrote:
I'm switching POPs and need to put in a high-capacity, redundant link. Here's the application...

1. I'm securing a roof lease and the building owner will care about asthetics (the smaller and better-looking, the better).

2. I can put up to a maximum of 4 antennas on the building and they want to agree on what antennas I use.

3. I'll have 10mbps now but it should scale to something higher...maybe put in a cheaper solution now but upgrade later without changing the antennas (just change the radios/boards).

4. The link will be 12 miles, 8-story building on one side on the valley floor to a 120-foot tower about 300 feet off the valley floor.

5. Mounting will be on the side of the building.

Got suggestions on 5.8GHz antennas for this application?


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