1. Here's a question: for those who don't have symmetric rates to/from the internet (I have 1meg down and , supposedly 128k up, but often it's something like 24 up, satellite you know...) streaming just will not work. Can we store and forward? Or in general, are they taking into account the technology being used and its capabilities?

2.  Anyone know anything about these (price etc):

they make it sound as though they are most of the solution:


George Rogato wrote:
Well ask a question and we'll see.
Guess if I'm supposed to be the messenger, it's me.

If someone wants me to go and ask ridiculous politically radical questions, then forget about it. They can just dial the number and ask themselves.

But a non political real question is no problem.


JohnnyO wrote:
George - who decides what is "reasonable" or not ? Is this a personal
decision ?

Sorry to stick a thorn in here, but, I think Mark's questions are valid
and should be asked on behalf of WISPA.


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wispa wrote:

You actually think that the "big guys" will actually let that happen?

Yeah, I can see it now, our upstreams turning CALEA compliance into a profit center.

Anyways if you want to bring your own tape recorder up to the feds and ask them some questions, go for it.

But the offer still stands.

Any reasonable question regarding the implementation of CALEA compliance

I will be glad to ask.


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