With CFR Part-15 rules we did ask for and received relaxing of the qualifications for certification of systems to allow for lower cost certification of legal systems using multiple combinations of antennas with radios. We saved WISPs money and made it easier for WISPs to meet the rules.

In CALEA the law enforcement agencies have requested the ability to monitor a stream of data in and out of a single customer the same way they monitor a telephone conversation using the wiretapping rules of this country which have been in place for a very long time. Meeting CALEA requirements is not really going to be one of those things that our government is going to ignore.

As a trade organization I believe it is our job, in WISPA, to develop a standard by which our operators can easily and cost effectively meet the CALEA legal requirements. Step one of that process is to file the Form 445. We have an attorney doing this for us now. We will be working toward meeting all legal requirements. If we see government making bad decisions and creating barriers which we believe will hurt our operator's then we will speak up. They will listen to us. They will not have much choice. There will be 6 of us in D.C. over the next 2 weeks working on CALEA, 04-186 and other issues.

We will find a practical approach which we can all live with. I have no intention of paying large sums of money to meet these requirements. This is a bright group. We will build the standard for this industry and it will be straight forward, cost effective and rational. It will not be an arcane, expensive, impractical approach as many believe will be the case with CALEA. If the government impedes the ability for us to meet these requirements with our standard then we will work until we get it right. In short, I want to see CALEA compliance being as easy as setting up a domain in a web and email server. I think these are good goals for us in regard to CALEA.

wispa wrote:

So, what do you think CALEA compliance will cost you?

Got a number yet, or have you promised compliance without knowing the price tag?

I said that not resisting regulation would kill us. The process has begun. We marched in to be fleeced, smiling and bleating softly. Been nice knowing you folks.

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