If you are a paid member of WISPA and your company is not listed below or needs 
edited please let me know immediately. This is the final edited list of those 
which will be included in the 445 filing unless I hear something right away 
from others. My cell number is 618-237-2387 if you email me and do not get a 
response right away today. I am sorry this is going out on the public list but 
I need to make sure newer people who may not be on the member's only list yet 
see this to make sure they are all included..

Mt. Vernon. Net, Inc.
Odessa Office Equipment
Maximum Access, L.L.C.
Yellowstone Media Design
Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp.
Precision Data Solutions, LLC
Wisper ISP, Inc.
CV-Access, Inc.
Pure Internet
Vogel Enterprises
Washington Broadband, Inc.
Primaverity LLC
Technology Services Inc.
Zing LLC
RTPS Networks, Inc.
Intelliwave, LLC
Computer Sales & Services, Inc.
NetsurfUSA, Inc.
Hofnet Communications, Inc.
APGWireless, LLC
BelWave Communications, Inc.
Coffey Computers, LLC
Rabbit Meadows Technology, LLC
InvisiMax Inc.
UnwiredOnline.Net, LLC
Inventive Wireless of Nebraska, LLC
WaveCrazy Communications
Willow Creek Computer Systems, LLC.
Xpressweb Internet Services
Rapid Systems Corporation
AccuBak Data Systems, Inc.
Kinex Networking Solutions, Inc
Comnett Computer Services
Sandhills Wireless
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