Are these Dragon Wave links? This is good news for the up-time you are seeing. Do you have much rain where you are? I am definitely more interested in this band now. What kind of speeds can a guy expect from links like this? How much do they cost?
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Travis Johnson wrote:


We have had several 18ghz links up and running for almost 4 years. Using many of the path calc programs, they show as much as 28 minutes per year of outage (due to multi-path and rain fade). Yet, during the entire last 4 years, we have never seen the signal change by more than 3-4db. We have over 30db of fade margin on these links... so, my question is, does 18ghz just die instantly (like 38ghz does) in a heavy rain storm? We have never had either of our 18ghz links go down (one is 7 miles and the other is 19 miles).

I am wanting to try and do a 28 mile link, and I can do it with 20db of fade margin... so I am wondering if that will be enough, or if the path calcs will be correct and we will have as much as 20 hours of downtime per year? (99.7653% uptime).

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