First of all just because you don't have a signal does not mean a cell
carrier is waiting for you to put up a tower but that said I built a 120'
Commercial tower back 3 years ago and total cost to build was around 50k.
That was a tower to support cell and two way radio at 90mph wind load.  I
think most cell carriers are asking for 105mph load now days.  I guess what
I'm saying is I would build the tower you need for the wireless if you need
it now.

just a FYI I have 2 towers that are Cell phone ready in North Georgia for
over 3 years now and no cell carriers in fact at one site a giant tower
company built a tower 1/4 mile down the road and it has 4 carriers on it now
and I never got a call and all my calls to the carriers went un answered.

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> I've got a remote rural location where we're thinking of putting up a
> 100' tower on a "mountain" owned by a large customer. Turns out that
> location can see one of our existing networks, which is great.
> However, the customer has extremely poor (or non-existent) cell phone
> coverage and would like to use this as an opportunity to possibly
> support a cell phone carrier-and they are willing to pay for the
> tower if it's not 'excessively' expensive to do so.
> Now, I've got no experience putting up towers, though with the work
> I'd done for past potential towers, I've been estimating maybe $15K
> in costs for a tower that only needs to support a WISP (counting the
> cost of the tower, a local tower company to erect it, and zoning
> fees. If this is off base, I'm open to comments here too).
> Of course, I know even less about what a cell company might be
> expected to need than I do about tower construction.
> Can anyone give me reasonable budget numbers for a 100' tower that
> could support (from a loading standpoint) both a WISP (using, say, 3
> 120 degree sectors and a 3' back haul dish) and a cell company? If
> there's not enough information, just a reasonable estimate and the
> basis for it might help to decide if this is worth pursuing. If
> you're a vendor, please feel free to contact me (via email) off list.
> Thanks!
> Chuck
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