Hello Everyone
Wanted to update you on our walmart rfid problem.We spent hours on monday 
trying to talk to someone on their rfid deployment team,we finally made 
contact.We were informed that it used the whole spectrum,had to run at full 
power and used circular polarity.They stated they were operating within the 
legal limits and could not change anything to help with our interference 
problem.I ask if they could turn off their equipment for 30 days to give us a 
chance to relocate to a new site.They agreed to two weeks which suprised 
me.When they turned it off all of our links instantly went back to working 
including the one inside their store at the eye doctors office.We start looking 
for a new site and equipment to install on it.Well today walmart calls us and 
say they want to work with us on the problem and they are sending a engineer to 
this store to check for a possible rogue piece of equipment and possibly trying 
to place some type of schielding between them and us IF we will QUIT posting 
info about this problem on broadband reports forum.I am amazed that they 
changed their whole attitude because of a little bad pr.Maybe we will be able 
to find a solution to the problem now that they seem willing to cooperate.Again 
thanks to everone who offered their advice on the situation.
Ray Hill
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