I spend time each day keeping up not just on technical news but on world news. Last Saturday or Sunday, I noticed that I could no longer access the website of the Washington Post. Whatever your political view of the Washington Post, it is still considered as one of the top two national newspapers. Finally last night, I emailed "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and I reported that I could not reach the WP website. Here's the reply I received:

Mr. Unger,

"We have temporarily blocked the IP for washingtonpost.com due to a
problem traced back to that IP.  We are working to resolve this issue
and will be unblocking the IP within the next 48 hours."


Here's my reply to the WISP (which incidentally is "California's largest WISP for business" and is now owned by a large national ISP.

Dear Mr. Xxxx,

Thank you for letting me know. I first noticed this problem several days ago. I look forward to having my access to the Washington Post website restored.

Thank you,


I'd appreciate a few knowledge WISP opinions on this issue.

1. Why will it apparently take a total of 5 days to resolve this issue?

2. Was my WISP really not aware of the problem and are they just now starting to look into it?

3. Was/is someone really spamming from the WP IP? Is there a very real and legitimate reason why the WP website would need to be blocked this long?

4. Could this be just another story in the emerging saga of the "Net Neutrality" debate? Should I be worried about hearing "It's our network and we can block anyone we want to block"?

Again, I'd appreciate a few thoughtful, knowledgable WISP opinions.

Thank you in advance,

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