Hey everyone,

Jack Unger and myself have started this group to create a process of
getting uncertified systems certified.

The reason for the certification is to help bring wisps into compliance
and legitimize their operation.

Recently a wisp reported that he had an FCC inspector do an inspection
at his site. He said that competitor wanted to shake him of his
exclusive  site contract with allegations he was operating uncertified
equipment, voiding his contract. His competitor was trying to shut him
down, move in on his turf.

The FCC inspector inspected his system and found it to be 100% certified.

His competitor was trying to "throw the uncertified wisp off the roof!"

Fortunately for that wisp, he had 100% certified system in place. With
brand names and the right antennas. He wasn't "thrown off the roof".

Many wisps have been building out with componentized systems, those
systems we buy and add custom features or components  that are not
certified by a manufacturer. But can be.

Reason they are not certified, is because to certify a system, the
manufacture has to build the exact same system spec'd in the certs and
deliver a finished assembled product to the customer.

The certification holds the manufacturer responsible rather than the wisp.

No system that is built today by a wisp that he bought the parts for and
assembled is certified.

But, we believe a wisp can get his system certified. And that is what
this group is about.

Certifying your componentized systems.

We don't know any reason why a wisp can't manufacture his own system.
And  with the commonly used components that are out there, have many
wisps certifying the same exact system over and over.

The issues here are the cost and the process to get a system certified.

Most wisps don't know how and the cost can be prohibitive if done blindly.

We have started the new group ONLY for wisps who have uncertified
systems that they want to get certified and realize they have to pay.

there is no free ride here, if Joe gets his system certified and Jack
wants to get the same exact system certified, he HAS to pay as well.

So expect that this process is not free and going to cost money.

How much money?

We do not know any money details yet.

We do know that there is discounts with quantity and once one system is
certified copies can be cheaper with co-operation.

I would expect, with a lot of wisps participating, the costs can be
driven down to a fraction of the costs.

At this time only Principle members are invited to take part in this

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