It has been understood by most here since WISPA was created that we will send ads from time to time from our Vendor Members to anyone who subscribes to WISPA list servers. It is part of the reason why Vendors join the organization and definitely why they pay us $1000 per year to be members. Dave Smith brought it to my attention that we were not adequately telling folks that fact on our list server signup page for the list and that our method of distributing ads could be perceived as spam if not corrected. I have added the following text to he list information page to remedy this oversight:

--------------- start of new list information text ------------------------
*** NOTE ***
If you subscribe to this or any other WISPA list server you understand and accept that you will be sent WISPA Board approved ads occasionally by the Vendor Members of WISPA. This is a requirement of membership in this and other WISPA lists. You can filter ads by denying the address "" from sending email to your address.
-------------- end of new list information text --------------------------

If anyone here was not aware of this and does not want to receive ads then feel free to unsubscribe and we will not send you ads. For anyone who is subscribed to WISPA list resources you will see these ads coming from "" now and in the future.

We send ads through this "" list server only. We do this to stop people from receiving several copies of the same ad on several different lists of which they are members. Basically we glean address from our own lists and remove all duplicates. The resulting addresses become the one-time members of the list and are sent only one copy of a WISPA approved ad. Once the ad is sent we remove all members from that list and the process is repeated the next time an ad is to be run. This insures that people who unsubscribe are not sent ads in future mailings.

I hope all of this makes sense. It may sound a little bit complicated but we are really just trying to make sure our members do not get over-loaded with duplicate ads and that our paid Vendor Members have a means of advertising and selling their products and services to our membership. We hope that this system shows a definitive difference for you between what some may perceive as spam and what we are doing which is legitimate sponsored advertising for our members.

As always we welcome feedback on this process.
Kindest regards,
John Scrivner

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