Peter R. wrote:

I haven't joined yet either. Three reasons:

(1) I would have to join as a vendor, since I am a consultant - and I can't as yet see the ROI.

I can see that. If people here do not pay you enough to pay your dues then why would you join? i guess there could be an argument though that you may get more sales if the option is made available for you to openly market what you sell to WISPs. Now you have to embed your offerings within posts to try to make sure you do not spam the group. We do also offer a $100 per year Associate level membership. I am sure that is justifiable to anyone who has an interest in seeing this industry prosper.

(2) I see the similarities here to another group that I belonged to ... and I don't want to go down that path again.

I do not know the details and don't need to know. That is your own issue.

(3) I have a real problem with joining a group where participants pick and choose what laws and regulations they will and will not follow - and try to rally people to oppose such laws.

Opposing laws and promoting breaking those laws are two different things. WISPA will officially support that we should always follow the law. We will also tell people when we think that laws need opposition, reform, challenges, changes. In the future I want to see us actually play a role in removing or easing regulatory and law issues.

We are trying to make CALEA compliance easier for WISPs. That does not mean we agree with everything involved in how this law is being mandated for WISPs. WISPA could and should work toward vocally supporting changes in laws when we feel they work to the detriment of our mission.

Now you can argue all day about whether I am right or wrong in this viewpoint, but that is MY perspective and you cannot change that no matter how much arguing you do.

You are entitled to feel however you want. WISPA is what it is. The members who pay the dues, run for office and meet with regulators, etc. decide who we are and what we stand for. The rest here are an audience who are here as guests supported by the paid members of WISPA. WISPA is here to help and our members have made the resources here possible and they deserve some level of respect for this at a minimum. Anyone who uses these resources can and should see enough value to buy into some level of membership. That is my belief and nobody will change that. :-)

Let's use a real world analogy. Let's say this was a NASCAR list. And I got a speeding ticket on I-4 going 88 in a 70 when there were maybe 5 cars on that stretch of straight, flat plain, 3-lane highway. And I moan about the ticket and how unfair it was. "It was entrapment. The cop was in a unmarked car hidden behind a concrete barrier. So what if I was speeding! There was no one around. Blah blah blah." It's a banal argument and a waste of bytes - and an admission of guilt.

This is a public list made up of more than paid members. It is an open public forum for free thinking and censoring is no part of the plan here.


Peter @ RAD-INFO, Inc.

Blair Davis wrote:

On another subject....

Two months ago, we were ready to join WISPA. At the time, I felt that WISPA had proven its longevity and was becoming a mature voice for the WISP's. But, after the form 477 issue, FCC sticker issue, and now the CALEA issue, I'm pretty sure that I disagree with the majority of the members on what stance should be taken on these issues.

That being the case, why should I still join?

Blair Davis
West Michigan Wireless ISP

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