"I like to write. I'm kind of opinionated. Posts on all manner of ISP 
lists can prove that." -- Peter

I would never have known that if you had not mentioned it! Haha!
Next you'll want credibility!!! :)

Welcome aboard mate!

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Please welcome Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO as WISPA's newest Associate 
Member. I know many of you already know Peter as someone who has a 
wealth of knowledge to bring to our efforts. I am sure I speak for us 
all in saying thanks to Peter for making his relationship with WISPA 
formal. Here is a little more information about Peter and RAD-INFO:

In 2000, Peter started in Telecom as a BellSouth Agent. His niche then 
as now is the Internet Solution Provider.
Today, RAD-INFO, Inc. represents about 20 carriers selling Internet 
Bandwidth, private lines, SIP termination, collocation and varied other 
services from the likes of AT&T, Savvis, Global Crossing, Level(3), etc.

RAD-INFO, Inc. was a vendor member of FISPA. During my 5 years there, I 
served many roles starting with a position on the Membership Committee, 
followed up by being Legislative Chair, and eventually a Board member. 
Later, I was a founder and Executive Director of another ISP association

created for the sole purpose of fighting forbearance and mega-mergers. 
This led to our involvement with an Ad Hoc committee of interested 
parties, loosely tied with the WBIA.

I like to write. I'm kind of opinionated. Posts on all manner of ISP 
lists can prove that. At RAD-INFO, we used to publish a newsletter, 
which has been replaced by 2 blogs. It was kind of surprise that Phone 
Plus magazine asked me to blog for them as well (blog # 3). And comments

I receive have been for the most part positive. (I'm still amazed that 
people actually read what I write).

Today, my focus is on consulting. The days of it being about the 
technology are over. RAD-INFO believes that the next phase for ISPs is 
to Guerrilla Market their service offerings to their target audience. 
"Re-Imagine" and "Differentiate or Die" are not just book titles but 
business lessons.

Here's hoping I can help a few WISP's and maybe help the Industry.



Peter Radizeski
RAD-INFO, Inc. - NSP Strategist
We Help ISPs Connect & Communicate
813.963.5884 http://www.marketingIDEAguy.com

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