The new members in WISPA are flooding in lately. We sure appreciate all this momentum. With a large portion of our industry joining forces here we will be much more effective in our efforts to lobby for regulatory and legislative efforts to help our industry. Thanks to PoGoWave and all of the members who have shown their support by paying their dues and helping out in committees, traveling to D.C. and many other efforts. Here is a little more information about PoGoWave Communications, Inc.:

"PogoWave Communications was formed about five years ago to serve the
Internet needs of western Sonoma County wirelessly.  In February 2006, there
was a major change in management of PogoWave and the beginning of a more
structured operation of the company.  Western Sonoma County is made up
largely of rugged rolling terrain, heavily forested in 100 to 150 foot
redwood trees or rolling grasslands used for grazing.  The main servers are
located at our site on English Hill in Sebastopol, with its 150 foot tower
we provide our main distribution and point-to-point transmissions to four
strategically located repeater sites."

PoGoWave Communications, Inc.
1500 Los Alamos Road
Santa Rosa, Ca 95409-3308
TEL: 707-537-7516
FAX: 707-538-1343

Allen B. Ferrera, President - CEO
Michael Ming - Vice President
Wanda Wellever - Secretary / Treasurer

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