Here's the proof:

I seen this a couple months ago downtown, must have been like a dozen of them in stumbler along with another dozen real ones. I didn't know what to make of it and figured when I got more time I'd dig into seeing what was going on. I actually provide free open public wifi in the area I was seeing all these essid's.

And then Monday next to one of my pops, I was thinking maybe it was in a home around it, but I have every customer there and I set them all up and it didn't make any sense.

So then just this afternoon out in the middle of nowhere this pops up. First there is one and then another and then all 3 same same time.

Jonathan Schmidt wrote:
This sure sounds like an urban myth.  Maybe?  Maybe not?  I've got a bunch
of laptops in my house...most just sitting on my security cams or playing
Radio Bartok.  When I bring one up, I see only my own SSID and a couple of
my neighbors but not "Free Public Wi-FI."  Certainly, none have ever been
visible from another.  Come to think of it, I should hide my SSID...thanks.

However, I have seen variants of that name as an occasional ad-hoc
computer-to-computer SSID in my travels but haven't seen anything resembling
the levels reflected in the newspaper blog.  During conferences, such as
MuniWireless last month, there were typically 100++ laptops in each
conference room all locked on to either the hotel Wi-Fi or the
conference-provided Wi-Fi and that name didn't show up.  And, from my
office, there are about 20 SSIDs visible, about 1/3 unsecured, and none with
that name.

If there is something weakly resembling the phenomenon related in the linked
blog, wouldn't it have become more well known?

But, perhaps?....let's see if anyone can track it down.

. . . j o n a t h a n

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Anyone see ESSID : Free Public WiFi popping up in your XP laptop in ad hoc mode?

I was surprised today when I got three diferent ESSID : Free Public WiFi at the same time and one was on channel 56!

It was out in the middle of nowhere. I've recently started seeing them around, but not in the middle of the woods.

Googled ESSID : Free Public WiFi and got this:

George Rogato

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