Forbes Mercy <sysop <at>> writes:

> The company and last week it was is a
> fraudulent company that is trying to rip off companies buying Wireless 
Equipment.   They took our credit
> card and said they were going to drop ship our Rootenna's out of Pacific 
Wireless in three days.  Pacific
> Wireless doesn't know who they are and never received an order but then they 
talked to their partner
> company who got the order but never was sent payment.   
> Senao then said they had called here many times and never did then this 
weekend we were suddenly signed up for
> a calling card from using our company number and it was 
traced back to Senao so we had
> to cancel the company card.  The bank had already credited the amount 
stating this company has a long
> history of fraud.  After we tried emailing the company again today they sent 
an answer to the wrong name
> saying it's now coming Tuesday.  We don't know what to think because it's 
now two weeks late and before any of
> you try them you should know what you could be up against.  We now ordered 
from someone else.
> It's a shame we can't just shoot these people.   Like I was telling one of 
my employees today, there are so many
> ways to honestly make money that these people that spend all their energy 
defrauding people are such a
> waste of our oxygen.  There you are warned, my friends.
> Forbes Mercy
> President - Washington Broadband, Inc.

I am the owner of this company, and I came across this article, I have given 
Mr Forbes the oppertunity to contact our office, And we have not heard from 
him,  He is in hiding, This information is incorrect and I encurage him to 
contact us by the email I sent him with our contact information. there will be 
legal action taken against him and his companies.

Basil Karjohn
Wireless solution

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