Fellow WISPA members:

We are beginning a PR campaign to enlist the help of our local, state and
national representatives into supporting the need to set aside bandwidth in
the whitespace frequencies for wireless broadband. Loudoun County in
Northern Virginia is probably much like your coverage area (except you folks
in the desert region) in that you have large areas to cover. Some or much of
that area is probably forested or tree landscaped which essentially
precludes many people from getting a reliable signal.

If solons can see that these people represent potential votes then they
might be convinced to get on board and support us. Congress has sent a
message to the FCC that it may be exercising more control over such things
as  frequency allocations and serving the public good. If we can get them in
our corner the FCC might give us more credence.

It also would not hurt to place a call to your local newspapers and radio
stations to get them interested in this story, especially if you can bring
service to those in the hinterlands who have only dreamed of it.

I am a former newspaper editor and editor of a business magazine  and would
be willing to help any member seeking advice how to do this. Many news media
outlets, especially in smaller markets, would probably appreciate a
high-tech story.

The key is to explain the advantages offered through these frequencies as
well as what problems face companies willing to invest in the technology.
Just remember not to get to technical or jargon where you don't lose the
reporter. Always ask if they understand the concept and if not devote the
time to explain it to them. If you don't what gets printed or aired could
end up being in error or just so much dross.

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