WISPA is working hard to develop a standard and to enable WISPs to work through the issues which will enable us to meet all the CALEA requirements. WISPA's newest Vendor Member is BearHill Security which is a company that specializes in dealing with CALEA issues. We welcome them to WISPA and look forward to working with them in regard to CALEA and other security related efforts. Here is some information about BearHill Security in their own words:

BearHill is a Trusted Third Party provider (TTP) of CALEA compliance
services and offers a managed CALEA compliance solution. Over the past
seven years, BearHill has developed a deep repertoire of forensic
investigation expertise through our information security consultancy.
Our CALEA Compliance Service allows broadband service providers to take
advantage of BearHill's specialized expertise to enable compliance with
CALEA's assistance capability requirement. The CALEA compliance service
from BearHill utilizes a customer network based intercept access point
that; enables CALEA readiness compliance, provides electronic
surveillance capabilities, and delivers relevant information to law
enforcement in industry standard ATIS T1.IAS format. You can learn more
at www.bearhill.com.

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