As of yesterday, this is how their billing works:

"For both the indoor and the outdoor Mini, if you enable billing on your
network, the model is a revenue share, with you the network operator
receiving 80% and Meraki receiving 20%."

Chase Phillips wrote:
Hi Joe,

On 4/19/07, Joe Laura <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Chase, Is the billing part already active?

Our billing software is currently in beta.  If you have a Dashboard
account and network and would like to try it out, feel free to request
it be enabled for your networks.  We'd love to hear your feedback
before we make the service generally available.

How much does Meraki keep as a cut?

As I mentioned, our billing software is still in beta, so we haven't
worked out yet what our system is going to be.  If you'd like more
specific information, feel free to contact our sales guy at
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  Unfortunately I can't give more detailed info about
that specific area myself because my area is on the feature-set and
development side.


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