> I am in need of a switch that can live outdoors in an enclosure. It
> needs to be small (5 ports) and cheap as the customer dose not want to
> any more that he has to. It also needs to surrive the hot and cold
> temps that it will experiance. Any reccomendations?

Most of our towers are running on Netgear FS105 and FS108 switches (the
ones in the blue metal boxes, not the cheap plastic ones), and the
occasional Linksys el-cheapo switch (don't have the part number handy). We
only have about one switch per year die, and that's usually from lightning
or power surges, as opposed to weather per se. They're not special fancy
magic weatherproof switches, but they work just fine for us.

This is in the midwest US, so the temperature extremes are 0 and 110
Fahrenheit. Your weather may vary.

David Smith

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