This is just my opinion, but I seriously doubt the FCC is just going to "give" away 700MHz licenses, even on a per base station basis. And the WISP community is not going to spend even $5,000 per license if they could. The cell companies will be bidding, and once again it will be in the millions of dollars per region.

Honestly, what would you do if you were the FCC? Deal with hundreds or thousands of little operators at $5,000 per license, or sell 3 or 4 licenses for the entire US for millions of dollars?


John Scrivner wrote:
Apparently there is a meeting scheduled today, April 25, at the FCC over how the 700 MHz band is going to be split up for auction. It amazes me how we can be kept in the dark about these meetings. If anyone can tell me how to get included on announcements of such meetings I need to know about it. This really angers me that we are not there with some representation today. If anyone reads this who is near the DC area please go to this meeting and tell them we need spectrum to be made available on a base station license basis. They need to auction off individual base station licenses or reserve some for a flat fee so all of us can compete. If they do not then hundreds if not thousands of operators who are now serving rural broadband will not be able to compete. This is an anti-competitive problem that the FCC needs to address with this auction. This is a big deal. If we do not get some 700 MHz or similar sub- 1 GHz spectrum it is going to be very bad for us all.

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