I kind of thought the same thing, but thought he may be poking fun
at him or something. 

        I have been planning on joining WISPA this year once I can scrape up
the $$ to do it but with the recent bashing of certified/non-certified
solutions I am not sure it is where I want to spend my money. 

        I have a mixed network of certified and non-certified equipment as
does everyone operating in our area. One of the draws for me to join WISPA
was the recent discussion of WISPA heading up a program to try to get some
of the more common non-certified solutions certified. I have looked into
getting my own equipment certified but if this is something that WISPA is
going to do I would definitely rather spend my money to support WISPA in its
efforts. Does anyone know where WISPA is at on this project and if it is
moving forward?


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> Why would you assume otherwise?  This is a bit contentious isn't it?
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