Tim Kery wrote:

Examples of these types of establishments may include some hotels,
coffee shops, schools, libraries, or book stores. DOJ has stated that it
"has no desire to require such retail establishments to implement CALEA
solutions," DOJ Comments at 36, and we conclude that the public interest
at this time does not weigh in favor of subjecting such establishments

So, Starbucks doesn't need to comply with CALEA but the service provider
that provides bandwidth to Starbucks does.

Hope this helps.

Tim Kery
BearHill Security, Inc.
Starbucks doesn't, but T-Mobile, the actual ISP does.
Joe's Cup-a-Joe does have to , but the ISP providing the service does.
SOME schools don't have to be because it is defined as a "private network" (see 
the ACE PDF on exemptions here: www.rad-info.net/fcc/ACE_CALEA_sum.pdf)

Commercial offering of Internet access means you need to be compliant.

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