Is it possible to use MT Hotspot feature with clients that already have
a public static IP address? I have a client that wants to be able to turn
off their Internet Access when not being used.. they have a couple of
computers in their office that unauthorized people may have access to
when they step out of the office for a minute or two, and want to prevent
those unauthorized people from using the computer(s) to access the internet.

The set up is like this...

client computers connected to a D-Link router, NAT/DHCP addressing.
The D-Link has a static public IP on the WAN side.
The D-Link accesses the Internet through a Tranzeo CPE configured in
bridge mode, which is associated to the MT Access point.
It is at this point that I would like to configure the hotspot, but only for
this one client.

Further info...
The MT AP is also acting as a transparent bridge, receiving traffic on
the AP side, and sending it to the network Gateway out ether1 (which
goes through two more transparent bridges before it gets to the GW).
The MT that is acting as AP for this client is on OS 2.9.35

The MT AP currently has a private IP address. I could put a public IP
on it and switch it to a routed segment at some point, but would rather
not have to do that before setting this hotspot up for this client if
that is
at all possible.

My thoughts are that it would be great to intercept traffic coming from the
customer's public IP and direct it to the hotspot's walled garden until they
provide a username and password, the enable access until they either log
out or are inactive for a given number of minutes, or possible after a
maximum length of time. I know that I can use the MT to direct traffic
to a walled garden manually (I have used it like that to manually disable a
customer's access) but would like to use it with the client login/logout

If someone has some pointers, or is willing to help me set this up, I would
greatly appreciate any help.

John Vogel

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