This is not the sense that I get from the meeting we had with the FBI. They will know who the target is and be issuing an order for that person. However, if they happen to live with several people all on one wireless network, then the traffic is going to be mixed most likely. The best you can do is give them the traffic at that IP. According to the FBI, it's just like when they tap phones. The are to listen to only the target conversations and not the other people in the home.

Lonnie Nunweiler wrote:
Do they issue search warrants for a whole apartment building because
they suspect "someone" living there is doing something bad?  It was my
understanding that a bit more info is required and it has to actually
have a person or persons in mind.  Why would data taps be treated any


On 5/10/07, Matt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have been reading the WISPA CALEA FAQ and was a little concerned about > question #10. If the LEA does not know who the suspect is using an open
> access point does this mean that everyone that has used that access
> point will have their data handed over to the LEA? It would seem that if
> the LEA is only allowed to receive the data requested in the subpoena
> this would be a violation.

In the past WISP's have asked if there was anyway to keep users from
NATing and connecting more then 1 PC.  There is no way to block this
and no easy way to prevent or detect it.  From the ISP perspective
there is no way isolate single hotspot user since they all come in on
the same IP.  If the ISP has control and management of the hotspot
they may be able to isolate the traffic of a given mac but this would
not be reliable if they connect with a different laptop the next day.
Of course it depends what kind of hotspot and how its setup.

I would say your going to have to give the LEA all the traffic for the
hotspot and let them filter/figure out what they need.  Moral of the
story: open non-encrypted wireless routers are NOT secure to use.
Unless your a bad guy and just drive around tell you find one then do
your ill deeds there.

Just my opinion.

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