I have been against BPL due to RF pollution.  That said, a technical evolution 
could resolve some of those issues.

I recently saw an article about Moto's MTU BPL solutions and was wondering if 
anyone here has worked with them.  Does anyone else have a internal BPL system 
(meaning not what the power company would use) that is of a higher class than 
what you'd get at Best Buy?

I saw that some of that consumer gear would do 85 megs (really about 25).  That 
article said that the Moto gear does 8 - 12 megs, observed peak of 25.  Is that 
sort of speed par for the course?  Is that per circuit or gross?  8 megs to a 
whole building isn't much, though 8 megs to each is attractive.

Mike Hammett
Intelligent Computing Solutions

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