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> Mac,
> Before you discard the idea of using three 120* sectors are you
> absolutely certain that the "separation" issue is really due to the
> antennas not being far enough apart? Have you thoroughly looked at other
> reasons why there could be interference between three APs like:

[Mac says:] 

Well Jack - I'd like to think that I have exhausted the other possibilities
:-) but I am always willing to listen.

> 1. Using three cards on a single motherboard in one enclosure without
> sufficient shielding between them.

[Mac says:] 

 All of our sector arrays utilize 3 different enclosures with one radio to
the enclosure and then I try to separate the enclosures (and antennas) as
far as possible.

> 2. Using three APs that are configured on frequencies that are too close
> together and are interfering with each other?
 [Mac says:] 

 Unless we deploy 4 90* sectors we use non overlapping channels (1, 6 & 11)

> I guess what I'm asking is (before you go spend money on antennas that
> may or may not solve the problem) what equipment are you currently
> using, how is it configured, and how far apart can you actually get
> three sector antennas on the 25G tower?
> jack

[Mac says:] 

 I have come to the conclusion that it is interference from the backplane of
the antennas due to not having adequate separation from each other. These
small towers (although 180') like Rohn 25G aren't but 12" across - so you
wind up with the 3 sectors only 1' apart at their bases. 

I wish you had some more ideas :-), but thanks for the thought and the time!



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