----- Original Message ----- From: "Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Folks, don't join WISPA because of what WISPA can do for you. That's not what WISPA is about. Oh sure, we do what we can when we can, but the MAIN focus of WISPA is that of improving the OVERALL industry. We're focused on better rules, better laws, better training etc.

We didn't form WISPA so that we could give you equipment discounts, free legal advice, insurance discounts, etc. The day will come when those things are all possible, but it'll take large membership numbers to get there.

Now this is spot on. WISPA is an ADVOCATE for the WISP industry. It should never become, IMO an association buying group. Sure vendors may look at WISPA as a market channel and wish to support it with paid advertisements and sponsorships. But, unless there is enough accountable (not made up numbers)membership they may not care to support the organization.

As a former dialup ISP/Web-host, I know where most of you stand. I am supporting WISPA because I feel the WISP may be the last-stand against total extinction of the Independent Service Provider. Sure there is still dialup and some are able to provide cable/DSL broadband, but nowhere in the numbers we were during the dialup years. The WISP has the opportunity to create and maintain a viable last-mile alternative to the RBOC's and CableCo's.

One thing that WISP's have going is that are talking the FCC's language, RF's! They understand this better than they do the competitive tension that came with the 96 Telco Act. The WISP's having an Advocate such as WISPA is very welcome in D.C. and that is why these baby step meetings and working the CALEA issue is so, so very important that WISPA has the FULL SUPPORT of the Industry.

Paying $25 a month to get a voice at the table of those that can SHUT you down, rather quickly, is cheap insurance of that possibly happening.

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